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Feather Hair Extensions
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Feather Hair Extensions

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Feather extension are the most popular accessory for hair.  Steven Tyler of Aerosmith has been sporting feather extensions for years and now that they have caught on everyone wants them.  Feathers come in variety of lengths, colors, and shapes.  From short webbed to long and slender.  We have colors from white to hot pink.

Feather installation takes just minutes.  If you got your feather extensions from Hypnotic you know you got the best of the bunch and if they ever loosen up and fall out, no worries, just bring the feather in and we will put it back in for you at no charge.

Our natural feathers are easy to wear.  You can wash, blow dry and flat iron them.  We have hundreds of feathers in stock ready to install and wear today. Call or book your appointment online.